Co-Chairs’ statement on Chinese fighter jets crossing median line of the Taiwan Strait

On 31 March, two Chinese J-11 fighter jets of the People Liberation Army Air Force intentionally crossed the median line of the Taiwan Strait south-west of Penghu, intruding upon a maritime boundary that has been abided by both sides for many years, and as a result damaging the cross-strait status quo. As co-chairs of the British-Taiwanese All Party Parliamentary Group, we are seriously concerned about the rise of tension in cross-strait relations. It is evident that regional peace and stability is at stake.

We believe that prosperity and stability across the Taiwan Strait is hugely important to the East Asian region and the world as a whole, and we must stress that maintaining peace in the region is in the common interest of all parties concerned. Any unilateral attempts to disrupt the status quo are harmful and do not contribute to cross-strait stability. Restraint is essential for good relations, and we will continue to support all efforts to defend the cross-strait status quo.

evans    Rogan
Nigel Evans MP                             Lord Rogan